Aims and Scope

| Aims and Scope |

■ Aims and Scope

With the development of the communication technology, the era of cultural war without borders has come. The new media Technology and Art need to converged for an upcoming era. Regarding the stream of current era, it is urgent to establish an academic journal that would lead the image (multimedia) industry and contents of the next generation. Thus, we call for papers sharing the results of newest and most advanced research in the areas. In order to quickly disseminate new technologies and ideas for Animation, Film, Imaging Science and Media Art, we publish our Journal online only.

Our most important aim is to publish the accepted papers quickly after receiving the manuscript. Our journal consists of regular and special issue papers. All papers are strictly peer-reviewed. Both theoretical and practical contributions are encouraged for our Transactions.

■ The area of current interest includes, but is not limited to:


- Authorship in animation

- Animation aesthetics

- Animation for education, games and embodied performance, Animation pedagogy

- Post production for Animation, Sound and VFX

- Animation Technic, 2D/3D animation, Digital Animation

- Genre for Animation, Experimental animation, Narrative and non-narrative animation

- Animation within Social Movements, Animated documentary

- Producing Animation, Target study, Concept Art, Directing

- Animation Design & style, Character animation

- Visualizing Science and Animation, Visual culture

- Animation for virtual or augmented reality, Stereoscopy and perception

- Animation in new media or mobile technology

- Motion graphics and info graphics

- Animated brain


- Film Theory & Aesthetic

- Film Producing Report

- Film & TV drama Critics

- Technical review, research, and report of Film Sound & Music, Cinematography, and Special Effects

- Documentary Critics

[Media Art]

- Hybrid Art

- Video Art

- Interactive Art

- Game Art

- Cyber Art & Digital Communities

- Digital Music & Sound Art

- Data Visualizations

- Robotic Art & Kinetic Art

- Bio Art & Science Art

- UX & GUI Design

- Game Art

- Media Performance, Media Facade & Projection Mapping

- Digital Aesthetics, Digital Art & technology applications

- New Media Concept

- 3D Display system

- Motion graphic & CG Art, Public Media Art, App. & Mobile Art

[Imaging Science]

- Bio imaging, multidimensional signal processing

- Electronic imaging, animation, virtual reality, and 3D imaging

- Image and video understanding

- Multimedia compression, standards, and quality assessment

- Multimedia systems and applications

- Signal systems and processing

- Information hiding and watermarking

- Computational photography

- Mobile signal processing and applications

- Bioinformatics

- Data mining and processing

- Machine learning

- Statistical Signal Processing

- Compressive Sensing

- Audio, speech, image, video, and bio signal processing/systems

- Artificial Intelligence

■ Special Issues

We are looking for a special issue proposal. The special issue must be a hot and cutting edge topic currently that interests the readers of our journal. The areas of the topic are not limited. Those who are interested in organizing a special issue on TechArt are supposed to submit the proposal to the Editor-in-Chief.

The proposal includes the following:

- Description of importance of the topic

- Detailed areas of the topic

- How to attract and review the submissions

- Brief background information of the Guest Editors

The proposal cannot be no more than 8 pages with 11 point-size, single space, and single column. The special issue proposal will be peer-reviewed.