Vol. 1 No. 2 May. 31 2014

Table of Contents (PDF)

Media Art

Data Iconology

Hyoyoung Kim and Jinwan Park    1

Design Transforming Dress based on pneumatic systems

Jung Whan Sung, Heebum Yu, and Gunju Ra    5

Digilog Orchid: Interactive Ink-and-Wash Painting Project

Youngmi Kim and Jongsoo Choi    10

Fragmented Narcissism: Bubble_portrait

Yoonje Chang and Hyung-Gi Kim    14

Interactive Media Art for Children’s Experience Exhibition

Jinbeum Jang, Gwanghyun Jo, Seonah Mok, Mi Jin Jung, Wooksang Chang, and Joonki Paik    17

Measurement and experience of the presence by representative technique of visual intepretation in the stereopsis - In terms of stable, gradual and irregular interpretation -

Moon Seon Jeon and SurngGahb Jang    24

Study on the Flexible Space Expression of Stage Space Presented in Media Performance

Hyung Yi Jung and Hyung-Gi Kim    31

Study on Visualized Temporal Dimension and Temporal Dualism Found in Overlaping Structure

Sanghee Ha and Jongsoo Choi    36

Volumetric Display: Media Art Using a Concaved Mirror

Hyeyoung Yoo and Hyung-Gi Kim    41


Animation element analysis in the Monument Valley

Mi Jin Jung, Seonah Mok, Joonki Paik, and Wooksang Chang    45

The Experimental Animation and Contemporary Art

Luan Weili    51


A study on Korean adolescents’ cultural self-esteem of Korean wave contents

Seongmin Moon and Hyoung-Seok Kim    54

Flying Fish- The Way It Has Done

Sanjeewa Pushpakumara and Choongjik Lee    64