Vol. 2 No. 1 Feb. 28 2015

Table of Contents (PDF)

Media Art

The Aesthetic Function of New Media “Serious Games”

JianHua Yang, Zhao Kun, and Yin Min 1


Motion Attribute Control of Virtual Character Using Natural User Interface

Dubeom Kim, Ajay Kumar, YoungHo Chai 9

War Poems: A Transgression of Objective and Linear Imagery towards the Avant-garde in Animation

Ina Conradi Chavez 14


A Study of Big Data Utilization in the South Korean Film Industry the South Korean Film Industry

Sangwon Ro, Kiung Bak, and Jihyun Kim 23

A Study on Distribution of Profits from Additional Rights in Movie Content

Sekyoung Shin, Choongjik Lee, and Jihyun Kim 28

On the Original Construction of the Film-Image System in Chinese Films Based on the Concept of Film-Drama

Qiao Jieqiong and Yin MinChai 35

Imaging Science

Fast MOG(Mixture of Gaussian)Algorithm based on Predicting Model Parameters

Yongho Kim, Soowoong Jeong, Jeongsu Oh, and Sangkeun Lee 41

Serious Game Design for Auditory Training of Hearing-impaired Children

Chunho Yi and Taeyong Kim 46

Virtual Keyboard UI design of Stroke-based Chinese Input Method for Smart Device Game

Hanmoi Sim, Chounghun Lee, Wonhyung Lee 52

A Smart Pad Assisted Hybrid Sketch System for the Conceptual Design of Vehicles

Ashok Kumar Patil, Shashidhar Patil, Sanghun Nam, Dubeom Kim, and Youngho Chai 58

Analysis of Space Roundness with Converged Stereo Camera for Realistic 3D Content Production

Myungha Kim, Joonki Paik, and Hyunki Hong 68

Hybrid Tiled Display System Combining Distributed Rendering and Streaming

Youngjoon Chai and Taeyong Kim 74

Optimal PSF Selection Using Second-Order Frequency Analysis for Digital Autofocusing

Yoonjong Yoo, Jinbeum Jang, Jeongho Shin, and Joonki Paik 81