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Vol. 10 No. 3 October 31, 2023

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Analysis of elements to enhance immersion in experiential exhibitions and research on application of transmedia strategies

Gyu-Wan Choe     1

Impact on User Satisfaction in Metaverse-Based Exhibition

MoonSeon Jeon     8

A Study of the Changing Patterns of Concept of Transmedia Storytelling and Universe-driven Strategy

Kyoung Duk Kim and Heeyoung Cho   14

Performance Comparison of Super-Resolution Neural Radiance Fields for Scalable 3D Rendering

Sangmin Lee, Han-nyoung Lee, Ho Jun Kim and Hak Gu Kim  19

Exploring the exhibition trends of IoT-based science experience centers for future education

Tae-eun Lee  26

Bae Chang-ho's film Close-up style typification and aesthetic significance

Jang Choon Park  32

Visual analysis of doctor-patient relationship problems based on R language(1995-2022)

Shengnan Pang, Ruo Si, Yurong Bao, and Yubo Xiao  37

Usability Evaluation of a Web Apps Child Behavior Analysis Data-driven Responsive Service Platform

Miohk Ryoo and Sanghyun Yoo  47

Content Design for Multi-view Stereoscopic Video in Real Scene

Sanghyun Yoo, Miohk Ryoo, Bong-Ho Lee, Joonsoo Kim, Kugjin Yun, and Won-Sik Cheong  52

* Notice: The paper titled "Double Projection of Motion Graphic Using Glass Reflection: A Case Study of a Massacre," which had been previously published in the August 2021 issue of "TechArt - Journal of Arts and Imaging Science," was republished in the June 2022 issue due to an administrative error at the Smart Image Content Research Center. Thus, it has been retracted.

Vol. 10 No. 2 June 30, 2023

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Making a Simulation Video of a Fireworks Display with a Simultaneous Media Façade

Susanna Baik and Hyung Gi Kim     1

Materialized Languages and Objectified Bodies: Film Noir from the Perspective of the Theatre of Cruelty

Peng Duan, Yichun Wang, and Wanqing Niu    7

Korean Cinema as Historical Archive in the Era of Post-History: Memories of Murder (2003, Bong Joon-ho)

So-in Hong   13

The Influence and Prospect of the Three Kingdoms IP on China’s Film Industry

Zhijun Huang  22

A Performance Comparison of Deep Learning Models for Scene Text Segmentation

Ho Jun Kim and Hak Gu Kim  31

A Study on How to Create Interactive Children’s Books Using ChatGPT and Midjourney

Kyoung Hwan Kim and Hyung Gi Kim  39

Is Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) an Opportunity or Threat?: Educational Suggestions for Using ChatGPT

Yilmin Koo  47

Real-Time Post-Correction Work in the CG/Live-Action Compositing Video Content Production Process Using Game Engines

Sanghoon Lee and Bokyung Sung  56

Narrative Bodies in Chinese Suspense TV Dramas: A Case Analysis of Under The Skin

Yao Wu and Yirui Cheng  61

Vol. 10 No. 1 February 28, 2023

Table of Contents (PDF)

A Study on the topographical changes in Korean drama since the 2000s

Jung In Choi     1

Research on the Art Form of Optical illusion

Bowen Han and Hyung-gi Kim    6

A Direction in Experience Exhibition Based on Interactive Storytelling

SuJin Han   18

A Case Study on Digital Remake Animation in North Korea: Focusing on the Butterfly and Cock (1977) Remake

Joo Ok Hong   24

The K-Movie Wave: a Historical Perspective

You-shin Joo  31

Insights from Social Media into Literacy Practice and Intergenerational Communication in Korea: Recent Cases of Illiteracy

Yilmin Koo  37

“Transforming Singaporean Wayang Kulit for Virtual Reality”: A case study in translating traditional artforms to immersive media

Hannes Rall and Emma Harper  44

Analysis of the multi-dimensional transformation of the perspective of new media image artworks using the image stabilization system

Shu Yang Sun and Surng Gagb Jahng  55

Case studies of Artistic Visualization Based on Sentiment Data

Haein Yoon and Jin Wan Park  63