Vol. 8 No. 1 February 28, 2021

Table of Contents (PDF)

Media Art

Affect Infusion and Intervention in Interactive Art

YaZhou Song, and Hyung-gi Kim    1

Research of The Application of LED Light Line in New Media Art

XinLong Lin, and Hyung-gi Kim  11

Multiple Perceptual Experiences in New Media Art - Focusing on The Work <Most>

Sun Haife, Jung Hyen Kim, and Surng Gahb Jahng  14

Research on Emotional Experience in New Media Art: Focused on The Work "Inner World"

Chenjinwen Jiang, Jung Hyen Kim, and Surng Gahb Jahng  17

Using "Pepper's Ghost" Video Installation - Centered on "Sight"

Pei Yin, and Hyung Gi Kim  20

Visualization of The Human Voice in New Media: The Unknown World

Cao Ao, Jung Hyen Kim, and Young Bin Kim  24


Artistic Freedom of Film Making and Censorship in China

Li Dan Yang, Jahng Surng Gahb 28