Vol. 6 No. 2 May. 31 2019

Table of Contents (PDF)

Media Art

A Study of Art Centered on the Sense of Touch

Su Dam Ku, Jingqi Lu, Qian Yu, Yeonu Ro, and Hyung-gi Kim    1

Analysis of Digital New Media Art Work “Eyes”

Yi Li and Surng Gahb Jahng    6

Current Situation and Future Prospects of China's Game Webcast Industry

Li Na and Surng Gahb Jahng    9

New Media Art Research Focused on Tactile Symbols

Lu Jingqi, Su Dam Ku, Yeonu Ro, and Hyung-gi Kim    14

Production of the Work “The Cage in the Heart”

Wang Ning and Surng Gahb Jahn    21

The Interplay between the Emotional and Rational in Art: a Case Study of Individual Artwork

Jung-Ouk Hong and Hyung-gi Kim    24

The relationship between interactive installation art and traditional art

Liu Xuanhong and Jin Wan Park    29


Emergence of Chinese Network Animation Drama

Yang Liang and Jae Cheol Moon    32


Analysis on Clothing Color and Character Shaping in Shadow of Yimou Zhang’s Film

Yulin Liu and Surng Gahb Jahng    35

Imaging Science

Connected interactive game using hand poses

Chang-Young Jang, Seong-Gi Oh, and Teayong Kim    39

Interactive Virtual Retrofitting of 3D Chiller Models to Optimize Energy Consumption: A 4-in-1 Alignment Use Case

Adithya Balasubramanyam, Chethana B, Ashok Kumar Patil, Pavan Kumar B N, and Young Ho Chai    43

Retrofitting with Gesture Interaction and All-in-One Visualization in HMD

Chethana B, Pavan Kumar B N, Ashok Kumar Patil, Adithya Balasubramanyam, and Young Ho Chai    49

Vol. 6 No. 1 Feb. 28 2019

Table of Contents (PDF)

Media Art

Application of Time in New Media Art: Centered on Individual Artwork “Every Minute and Every Second”

Tingting Liu, Younghoon Lim, and Joonki Paik    1

Brief Analysis of Body Narrative and Symbol Symbolism in New Media Art

YaZhou Song and Hyung gi Kim    5

Emotion Change with Color and Effect of New Media Image after Reconstruction

Han Bowen and Hyung gi Kim    9

Expression of New Media Interaction Art Based on Sound

Li Xia and Hyung gi Kim     12

Performing Expressions in New Media Art Projections: Emotions Expressed by Mouth

Kai Yuan Huang and Hyung gi Kim    15

Projection in New Media art: a Case Study of the Individual Artwork "Imprison"

Sheng Hao Li and Young Bin Kim    18

Research and Design Report on New Media Artwork “Life Under Bondage”

ShuYang Sun and Surng Gahb Jahng    20

Symbolic Images in the Video Performance, The Gauze Rinsing Girl

Renai Xie and Surng Gahb Jahng    23

The Application of Facial Makeup in Peking Opera in the Projection of New Media Art

Jiandong Sun and Hyung gi Kim    27

The Application of Visual Languages in New Media Art

Weijing Wei and Teayong Kim    30

The Combination and Development of Experimental Images and New Media Art: Taking Individual Works like “Gauze”

Chenting Zhao and Young Bin Kim     34

Visual Illusion in New Media Installation Art

Lu Yuan and Surng Gahb Jahng     37


Research on the Causes of Chinese Network Animation Drama

Yang Liang and Jaecheol Moon    42


Analysis of the Application of Long Take in An Elephant Sitting Still

Hao Yanxiang and Jaecheol Moon     45

Montage Techniques in Director Satoshi Kon's Millennium Actress

La Li and Jae Cheol Moon    50