Vol. 5 No. 1 Feb. 28 2018

Table of Contents (PDF)

Media Art

‘Digital Ego’ : Expression of Non-Visual Body 

Si Hyun Kim, Joon Yong Whang, and Jin Wan Park  1

Hand Drawing Media Art Using KinectV2

Sangpil Han, Min-jae Kim, and Joonki Paik    4

Removed Background in Video Using Particle Filter Based on GPU for Graphic Artist

Bon-woo Gu, Sang-mi Im, and Hyung-gi Kim    6

Report of producing CHORUS

Zhao Mengyue and Surng Gahb Jahng     9

Research on the Presentation of Language Violence in New Media Art

Zhengyao Yang , Hyung-gi Kim, and Surng Gahb Jahng    12

Spatial Representation Using Repeated Images

Zhiyao Wang and Hyung-gi Kim     15

Situations and Roles: “Danmu” (Comment-Barrage) Culture in Media Situation

An Yan and Jian Zhi Cai    17

The Application of Projection Mapping in the Field of New Media Art in Combination with Expression Psychology

Kai Yi Liang and Hyung-gi Kim     23


The Creative Process Elaboration of Short Animation Scripts: Based on Creation of the Boundary and Food

Hu Jingkang and Takhoon Kim    25

Analysis of the Script Composition of Animated Short Film Panties Bird

Ma Jing and Takhoon Kim    29

The Important Role of Early Planning in Animation

Wang Chu Han and Takhoon Kim    32


The Style and Meaning of Long Take in Alfred Hitchcock's Films

Mi-hwa Jang    35

Imaging Science

Calibration Techniques and Gaze Accuracy Estimation in Pupil Labs Eye Tracker

Adithya B., Lee Hanna, Pavan Kumar B. N., and Youngho Chai     38