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Vol. 3 No. 4 Nov. 30 2016

Table of Contents (PDF)

Media Art

‘Conveyance’: Kinetic Art Reflected in the Formative Characteristics of Minimalism

Charyung Kim and Hyung-gi Kim    1

Disconnection and Transparency: Interactive Media Art Using Motion Detection

Sangwoo Park and Jinbeum Jang    4

Production and Research of Interactive Media Art Reacting to Environmental Factors

DuBeom Kim, Doyoon Ahn, and YoungHo Chai    7


Lock up your stories – here comes Virtual Reality

Gray Hodgkinson    10


An Unexpected Visit - A Short Film Analysis

Bianca Pamela N. Alcera    15

The Day We Met - A Short Film Analysis

Rui Figueiredo    18

To Show the World of Emotional Dystopia - A Short Film Analysis

Suin Kim     21

Imaging Science

Age Estimation based on Facial Wrinkles by using the Gabor filter and SVM 

Sang mi Im, Hye yeon Cho, and TaeYong Kim    24

Colorful multi-exposure fusion with guided filtering based fusion method

Changho Song, Soowoong Jung and Sangkeun Lee    27

Down the Rabbit Hole

Sunhee Park    31

Dots Emotion

SiJoong Kim Yong-Ho Kim, and Sangkeun Lee    33

Efficient digital hologram generation using position clustering and FFT-based structural modification 

ChoongSang Cho and Sangkeun Lee    35

Gesture-based Interactive Shooting Game Using Kalman Filter

Ye-Jin LEE, Hong-Jun Ju Hyun-Mi Oh, and Tae-Yong Kim    40

Looking for the Lost

Miri Kim and Jaehoon Jung    43

Stereo Matching Method Using Slant-based Cost Aggregation

Daeyoon Jeon, Sangyoon Lee, and Hyunki Hong    45