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Vol. 4 No. 4 Nov. 30 2017

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Media Art

Study on Expression Method of Media Art using Scrapped Cars: Centering on works displayed in Brilliant Memories held by Hyundai Motor Company 

O Jung Lee and Hyung Gi Kim     1

Representation of Morphing Manifested in Digital Art

Seung hyun Cho and Hyung Gi Kim     6

Rhythm and Synesthesia: a Study on Effect of Synesthesia on Rhythmic Ability

Anju khulal and Hyung Gi Kim    10

2D Flying Shooting Game:Game Art using Circular Collision Detection and Target Tracking

JiYong Ge and Won Hyung Lee    13

The Digital Application of Ink Painting Techniques: Interactive Media Art Using Interactive Devices

Xufeng Ma, Junghyen kim, and Joonki Paik    18

Study on Influence and Significance of New Media Art for Image Art

Xiaoya Gao, Hyung Gi Kim, and Joonki Paik    21

Projection mapping:a study of artistic expression in the spirit level

Hang Cao, Hyung Gi Kim, and Joonki Paik    23

Creation Face Model for Projection Mapping Application: Based on 3D Printing Technology

Doo Hee Lee and Hyung Gi Kim    25


Research of Animation Movie Marketing Strategy in AISAS Model - A Case Study of Zootopia

Li Miao and Jae Woong Kim    28

Lights, Virtual Camera, Action!

Gray Hodgkinson    31

Imaging Science

On a Starry Night: Interactive Media Art Using Eye Gaze Tracking

Youngran Jo and Joonki Paik    37

The Invisible Effect: Application of Background Removal

Seokmok Park, Minjae Kim, and Joonki Paik    39

Drum set Based on Virtual Reality

Ruixin Zhao, Namjung Kim and Kyoungju Park    41

Vol. 4 No. 1 Feb. 28 2017

Table of Contents (PDF)

Media Art

The Mixed Identity of the Classics : Face Fusion Using a Morphing Technique

Jieun Jo and Joonki Paik    1

A Study of Interactive Interfaces for Children Focused on Hands-on Exhibitions 

Si-Won Choi and Hyung-Gi Kim    4

Sensibility Visualization of Twitter Stream Data during a Soccer Match

Miohk Ryoo, Przemyslaw Krompiec, and Kyoungju Park    10

Your Fragrance

Minseo Kim, Changho Song, and Sangkeun Lee    15

Wave in the Mind

Kyoungman Kim, Haneul Yu, and Sangkeun Lee    17

Production of an Environmental Protection Video with 3D Particle Effects

Menglu Ma, Miohk Ryoo, and Kyoungju Park    19


A Study on the Combination of Nationalization and Internationalization in Chinese Animation

Ning Xiang    22

Color Scheme and Animation Character Design for Silver Fitness Program

Hye-Young Ham, Kyung-Ju Moon, and Jae-Woong Kim    27

Imaging Science

Modern Visibility Enhancement and Tampering Detection Tools of Digital Image Forensics: A Laconic Review

Zohair Al-Ameen and Chiai Al-Atroshi     32

Sound Visualization Using Color Transformation and 3D Effect

Byeongho Moon and Joonki Paik    37