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Vol. 9 No. 3 October 31, 2022

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A Study on the Characteristics and Satisfaction of Media Art Exhibitions

MoonSeon Jeon    1

Artificial Intelligence Curation System for Museums

SeungHyeon Jo, Gyung-Tae Bae, Haemin Song, Seungjin Jung, YoungWook Kang, Jun Sup Shin, Jongwon Choi, and Jin-wan Park    6

Affectivity of New Media Art Based on the Phenomenology of Aesthetic Experience

Xia Li and Hyung Gi Kim   11

Discourse on the transformation of glitch creation in contemporary art

Tianhe Ma, Ran Zhu and Hyung-gi Kim   19

Semantic Preservation and Natural Language Data Augmentation via Variational Autoencoder

Yuchul Shin, Kyohoon Jin, Juhwan Choi, Junho Lee, Soojin Jang, and Youngbin Kim  24

Current Situation of AI Education Development: Centered on AI Education in Primary and Secondary Schools in China

YuTong Sun and Kim Jae Woong  29

Deep Learning Based Frame Interpolation for Stop-motion Animation

Jihae Yoon, Soojin Jang, Eunju Lee, Se Eun Byun, So Jin Jin, and Tak Hoon Kim  36

Vol. 9 No. 2 June 30, 2022

Table of Contents (PDF)

Double Projection of Motion Graphic Using Glass Reflection: A Case Study of a Massacre

Retracted Due to Admin Error

Zhonghui Chen and Young-Bin Kim     1

Animation of Bird Characters with Special Focus on Rio (2011)

Yiping Guan, Yeonghyeon Kim, and Wooksang Chang     5

Study on Various GAN models and Datasets for Deepfake Detection

Yonghyun Jeong and Jongwon Choi    9

Self-Identity of Immigrants: Diasporic Analysis of Minari (2020)

YoungZay Kim   13

Research on Multi-sensory Experience of Virtual Reality Art

Qing Kong and Hyung Gi Kim  16

Analysis of Real-time Cyber Character Production Technology for Metaverse

Sejin Oh, Taeheun Kang, Hojin Lee, and Wooksang Chang  20

Prospects for Future Images: Advances in Media, Technology, and Industry

Duan Peng  26

Role of Lighting in Expressing Character Emotions in 3D Animation: A study on the Graduation Project DEEP

Ying Wu, DongWoo Yu, and Wooksang Chang  34

Media Aesthetics in the Application of Film Innovative Technology: Cases of Ang Lee's Films

Zhengyao Yang, Hyung Gi Kim, and Surng Gahb Jahng  37