Techart Conference

| 2021 TechArt Conference |

Session 3: Algorithms and Aesthetic Practices (Graduate Students)

Development of Artificial Intelligence Museum Curation System

Kang, Young Wook (VILab + FMA)


AI-CFT 2 team is staffed by VILab and FMA lab to study museum artificial intelligence curation system. It is meaningful to preserve the museum's artistic and historical value by combining artificial intelligence, real-time engine technology and art engineering perspectives. It also implements a real-world structure-based simulation environment, and tests artificial intelligence algorithms within that environment to enable real-time viewing of the research process. In addition to considering the social distancing among visitors in the variable situation of the museum, we are developing an AI curation system that automatically presents sequential view paths reflecting the curator's intentions to suggest the museum's social role in the post-pandemic era.