Techart Conference

| 2021 TechArt Conference |

Does Artificial Intelligence Dream?

: The Coevolution of Algorithm and Art


May 28-30, 2021



Keynote Speech

Elgammal, Ahmed (Rutgers University, US) [More]

We’re very sorry to inform you that Dr. Ahmed Elgammal had to cancel his talk due to unanticipated circumstances.

Session 1: Reconsideration of Image and Algorithm

Lee, Soojin (Inha University, S. Korea), Yoon, Nara (University of Paris 8, France) [More]

Wright, Rewa (University of Newcastle, Australia) [More]

Session 2: Algorithms and the Future of Visual Arts

Finn, Ed (Arizona State University, US) [More]

Jeong, Chancheol (Hankuk University of Foregin Studies, S.Korea) [More]

Session 3: Algorithms and Aesthetic Practices (Graduate Students)

Yoon, Jihae (Graduate School of Advanced Imagine Sciences, Multimedia and Film) [More]

Choi, Hyeongseok (Image Processing & Intelligent Systems Laboratory) [More]