Techart Conference

| 2022 TechArt Conference | 


Topologies of Sensibility in the Age of A.I.

: 인공지능시대 감성의 지형들


May 26-29, 2022



Session 1: Reflections on Datafication and Sensibility

Olkowski, Dorothea (University of Colorado, USA)   [More]

Benzi, Kirell (Data Artist, Switzerland)    [More]

Han, Yoon Chung (San José State University, USA)    [More]

Session 2: Algorithmic Culture and Sense-Making

Roh, Jinah (Kyung Hee University, S. Korea)    [More]

McStay, Andrew (Bangor University, UK)    [More]

Lin, Pey-Chwen (Director of Lin Pey-Chwen Digital Art Lab, Taiwan)    [More]

Warren-Smith, Gabriella (Director of Cognitive Sensations, UK)   [More]

Session 3: Aesthetic Practices and Sensibility

Moon, JaeWoong (Graduate School of Advanced Imaging Science, Multimedia & Film)

Seo, SeungMo (Graduate School of Artificial Intelligence)    [More]

Cho, SuJin (Graduate School of Advanced Imaging Science, Multimedia & Film)    [More]

Lee, SangHon (Computer Game/CT Lab)    [More]