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| 2022 TechArt Conference |

Session 2: Algorithmic Culture and Sense-Making

Eve Clone Series by Pey-Chwen Lin

Lin, Pey-Chwen (Director of Lin Pey-Chwen Digital Art Lab, Taiwan)


I will introduce my “Eve Clone” series and present the video of my solo exhibition “Revelation of Eve Clone” held at the Tainan Art Museum from 2019 to 2020. By using 3D computer animation, I created a digital female figure with hybrid texture named, Eve Clone, in order to criticize humans’ desire of playing the role of God.

I established a critical narrative that uses the media art to reflect the symbolism of “Eve Clone”, who has many layers of metaphor. For the purpose of emphasizing the perfect shape of her body in a golden ratio, I overlapped the image of “Eve Clone” with Da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man”. Additionally, I imprinted the Number of the Beast, 666, on both her forehead and her right hand to symbolize her as the evil female figure, Whore of Babylon, mentioned in the Book of Revelation, who tried to tempt and take control of the entire world. In addition, her skin was colored according to the “Great Image” from The Book of Daniel in the Bible with a golden head, a silver chest, a bronze belly, iron legs, and half-iron-half-clay feet to show her greatness and arrogance. Furthermore, the Book of Revelation and Book of Daniel were applied to define her feature of evil, power, and final destiny.

The curator Dr. Ming Turner states, “Pey-Chwen Lin began her ‘Eve Clone’ series in 2006. This series conveys both femininity and religious symbolism. Although the creation of Lin’s works relies heavily on technology and digital techniques, she is actually being critical of the negative impact of technology on modern human society.” I especially utilized the technology of media such as hologram, interactive sensors, computer programming, facial identification and motion capture system to represent “Eve Clone” as an artificial life with the capability to be reproduced. Her omnipresence living with humans in the same time and same space, and vividness allow her to interact with humans and even learn from human’s motion expression.


Pey-Chwen Lin was born in Taiwan in 1959. She received the Doctor of Creative Arts from University of Wollongong in Australia in 1996. Currently, she is the director of “Lin Pey-Chwen Digital Art Lab” and an adjunct professor in National Taiwan University of Arts. She has received many art awards and recognitions, including Taiwan Chung-Shing Award, Red Dot Award, The First Prize in Art Woman 2020 International Exhibition in Italy and The First Prize of New Media Art in 2019 Italy XII Florence Biennia, etc. Her works have been invited in many exhibitions all around the world such as Queens Museum in New York, Exit and Via Art Festival in France, WRO Media Art Biennale in Poland, Taipei Biennial, Taiwan Biennial, ACM Siggraph Asia Art Show and Linz Festival of Hong Kong Garden, etc. Her achievements have been documented in many art journals and art history books internationally, such as n.paradoxa International feminist art journal, East Asian Journal of Popular Culture, International Journal of Cultural and Creative Industries, and History of Contemporary Art in Taiwan, etc. Her “Eve Clone Series” was featured in the Special Column of Global Women’s Museum IGNITE, ‘agideas International Design Forum’ in Australia and ‘The Borders of Digital Art International Symposium’ in University of Oxford in England, etc.